Mini-Application Examples

Drug Design problem
We take a map-reduce strategy for computations to match candidate drug molecules to a target protein, implemented in common multi-core parallel computing technologies and in the Hadoop map-reduce framework that is often used in cloud computing.
Implementations: serial, OpenMP, Boost threads, go, Hadoop; TBB containers
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Akari is a game designed by Nikoli that has elements of sudoku, mine sweeper, and several classic chess problems. This mini-application builds a program to automatically solve this problem using a search pattern called branch-and-bound.
Implementations: serial, openmp tasks (implemented 3 ways), (tbb tasks, cilk tasks)
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Game of Life
The Game of Life is a cellular automata devised by mathematician John Conway in 1970. It has found its way into screen savers, graphic backgrounds, and, indeed, games. The application here demonstrates basic techniques for cellular automata simulations — techniques which often also find application in image convolution and matrix multiplication.
Implementations: serial C, CUDA
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